Frequently Asked Questions - Merchants

Who is qualified to be a merchant on KongaPay?

A KongaPay merchant is one who wants to accept Payments Online and offline. KongaPay helps Nigerian businesses accept payments from bank accounts, cards & KongaPayaccount and payout to sub-merchants in the case of market place merchants.

What do I need to be setup as a Merchant?

  • Business Name, Address and RC registration – Who are you?
  • Scanned documents of signatories (Memorandum of Article, CO2, CO7 and CAC) – Registered to run a business?
  • IDs and BVN of signatories – A simple validation exercise Business Bank Account – Where to settle your proceeds.
  • Passport Pictures of the Signatories

What next once I have been setup as a Merchant? back to top.

You will be provided with Live Credentials, which include a Merchant ID, Login and Password to the KongaPay Merchant Admin Portal.

How do I view the transactions for my store?

  • Login in using your Email Address and Password
  • Click on Transactions Tab
  • View Transactions

If I have sub stores, will I be able to view the transactions for all my stores from one view? back to top.

If you have multiple stores, then you will be able to view all the transactions from your sub stores from the main account under the transaction “tab”. The personnel for the main account would have to Log in using their email and password and click on transactions tab and then can filter based on stores or location.

How do I setup a Sub store? back to top.

You can setup a sub store by doing the following:

  • Visit your KongaPay Admin Portal.
  • Login using the main account’s email and password
  • Click on Store
  • Input the store Name
  • Then create the admin personnel for that store

What are the benefits of KongaPay for a Merchant? back to top.

  • Simple and Easy way of accepting payments
  • Fast and Easy Integration of SDKs and Web Plugin
  • Integrated machine learning based fraud prevention to help minimize risks and chargebacks
  • Seamless payment experience for your customers
  • Increase in revenue by allowing your customers setup recurring payments
  • Robust Merchant Admin to view all your transaction reports and track your revenue
  • Ability to do Bulk Payments to your staff from the Merchant Admin Portal

How do I collect Offline Payments as a merchant? back to top.

You can accept payments offline using two approaches;

  • You can generate your QR code on your MPOS app, then present it to your KongaPay customer to scan to pay.
  • You can also get your KongaPay customers to pay from their KongaPay user app or web, by supplying your merchant ID or merchant name and have your customers send money to your KongaPay wallet, using “Pay” menu on their KongaPay app or web.

You can also use the KongaPay MPOS app to accept payments; you will have to do the following:

  • Login to the KongaPay MPOS App with your merchant ID and Pin
  • Enter Amount
  • Give customer the KongaPay MPOS device to input their KongaPay Pin and One time password sent to their Telephone Number from the Bank
  • Click on ‘Pay’
  • Merchant gets an alert of payment made immediately

How long will it take for payment to reach the merchant? back to top.

The merchant gets an alert of payment made instantly. However, settlement to merchant is done at the end of the following day.

What if I forget my Login Details? back to top.

If you forget your Login details, you may use the reset PIN feature on your KongaPay platform or please contact 0708 063 5700, 0809 460 5555 or send an email to [email protected].

How much is the transaction fees? back to top.

This depends on the merchant package type as the transaction fees differ. The minimum applicable transaction fees per package type are as shown below:

  • Receive Payment = 1.5% and capped at ₦2,000.
  • Bulk Payout = ₦50 per transaction.
  • Digital Goods = 1% cash back commission.

When does settlement happen? back to top.

Transfers are made on a 1day rolling (T+1).

Are there other charges I should know of? back to top.

No, there are no other fees except from those listed above. We never charge for setup or maintenance.

There seems to be a mismatch in your bank name: back to top.

While setting up your payout bank, you might come across this error. Not to worry as this is due to the difference in the name inputted on the KongaPay platform and the name currently on your ATM card or with your Bank.

To have this rectified, provide a clear scanned copy of a valid means of Identification (National ID or Driver's license or International passport) bearing same name as it is on your banking details to [email protected].

KongaPay is a safe and secure payment method and can be regarded as the preferred online payment platform in Nigeria. KongaPay was created in partnership with leading banks in Nigeria to ensure trust and safety for buyers and sellers. Though created to meet the needs of shoppers on, KongaPay services have expanded beyond those walls to meet the needs of Nigerians seeking a payment solution that is accessible, affordable, convenient, easy to use and secure. KongaPay is convenient and easy to use, it puts customers in total control, and you need not worry about signing up for internet banking, repeatedly applying card details, or having to grapple with bank transaction charges. Today, KongaPay offers the following services; Bank transfers (with ZERO transaction fee), Airtime Purchase (MTN, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel), TV Subscription fee payment (GOTV & DSTV), purchases on online platforms such as,, Kounty Kitchen (,,, etc. Offline stores are not left out as KongaPay offers the service called MPOS which turns every mobile phone into a POS machine! Some of our offline partners include Mr Biggs, CityDia Superstores and Café Neo. KongaPay also offers free account setup and cheap pricing for merchants. The Payment Solution is available on The Web (Mobile and Desktop), IOS and Android devices. This means that you can access the application at home, at work, or even on the go. To get started, simply register your preferred bank via the Mobile App or website, validate, and log in to being transacting. Gone are the days of traditional modes of payments which involved cash and cheques etc. With advancement in technology and the introduction of e-commerce, different methods of online payments have been introduced and have been embraced over the years as people are now more informed as to the ease and convenience of online payments, which is one of the numerous benefits of using KongaPay. So if you are looking for a mobile online and offline solution that is convenient, easy to use, incurs zero cost when transferring and receiving money, and 100% security, KongaPay has it all.