Frequently Asked Questions

What is KongaPay?

KongaPay is a way to pay and get paid for things. At first, it was built for People loved using it so much that Konga decided to share the love and make it available even outside the platform.

Debit card number, BVN, Account number. Why do you collect all this information to sign me up?

When you create a KongaPay account, we want to make absolutely sure that you are who you claim to be. This is why we use the BVN service to verify the information you provide. Once you create your account, you’ll notice how pain free it is to use KongaPay.

Forget tokens. Forget your wallet, even. We totally understand how tedious it must feel to enter all this information each time you make a payment. We also understand that we’re handling sensitive information. That’s why we only bother you for all this info once.

At signup.

In fact, it’s become a saying around here – you only KongaPay once #YOKO!

What is a KongaPay PIN? Is it the same as my ATM PIN?

Your KongaPay PIN is a secret 4-digit number that you create when you create your account. We suggest you make it a number you will remember because it behaves just like a password.

No. It is not your ATM PIN, but you should be just as careful with it. Please don’t tell anyone your KongaPay PIN. Please be discreet when entering it on your device.

I don’t know my BVN. What do I do?

Just dial *565*0# This will only work if you are making the request from the phone number that is registered to the BVN service.

I’m using the right phone number linked to my BVN but it still says “One or more of your details is incorrect”.

How frustrating! We really don’t like it when that happens to our customers. We’ve seen this happen when there have been errors between the records held at the bank and what the bank sent to the BVN service.

For this, you’ll need to contact your bank. Make sure their records reflect the phone number you expect. Also make sure there isn’t an error with the date of birth on your records. We apologize for the inconvenience. You know we’d fix this ourselves if we could!

Why are you making me register all over again because I forgot my KongaPay PIN?

We don’t store your sensitive payment information. We simply verify what you provide against your bank’s database. So, when you forget your PIN, we need proof that it is indeed you making the request. The fastest way to do this is to have you re-verify the information you entered when you signed up.

What’s the guarantee that my bank information will be safe if I give it to Konga?

We take no prisoners when it comes to the security of your information.

First of all, you are always in control. No debit can occur on your account without you first authorising it with the KongaPay PIN and verification code sent by your bank to your phone or email. It’s like having two keys on the door to your account.

Secondly, we don’t store your sensitive payment information. We simply verify what you provide against your bank’s database. So, when you forget your PIN, we need proof that it is indeed you making the request. The fastest way to do this is to have you re-verify the information you entered when you signed up.

Finally, KongaPay is a regulated mobile money operator and are required by the Central Bank of Nigeria to maintain the same security standards you’ve come to trust with your bank.

Do I need to fund a wallet to use KongaPay?

Nope! We’ve built a seamless link between you and your bank account. Just sign up and start transacting like a pro.

How to register on KongaPay

Registration on KongaPay is just as easy as transacting. Because we understand the peculiarities of our customers, we have reviewed our registration process to be simpler and customers can operate on different levels. The requirements levels are broken down as follows;


KongaPay Classic:

- Name

- Phone number (Verified with One Time Password)

- Date of Birth

- Gender

- Home address


KongaPay Premium:

- Name, 

- Date of Birth,

- Gender, 

- Home Address, 

- Card or Bank Account details



To get started, simply follow the steps below;

  • First, download the app on the google play or IOS store. If you do not own an android or apple device, you can still sign up by visiting the website, to sign up.
  • Enter your personal information. This includes your name and contact details.
  • The next steps would be to create a Pin and enter the verification code sent to your phone
  • Then you officially have a Kongapay account.


Your registration is just this once and you will not be required to provide the same information when making a purchase or payment.

As a KongaPay Classic user, you can only make transactions on KongaPay if your wallet has been funded by another KongaPay user.

Are there any transaction limits?

In compliance with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulations, transactions from your KongaPay account will be limited to the following:

KongaPay Lite: Maximum transaction limit of ₦3,000 per transaction / Maximum Daily Limit of  ₦30,000 per day

KongaPay Classic: Maximum transaction limit of ₦10,000 per transaction / Maximum Daily Limit of ₦100,000 per day

KongaPay Premium: Maximum transaction limit of ₦100,000 per transaction / Maximum Daily Limit of ₦1,000,000 per day


PLEASE NOTE: These daily limits only apply to transactions from your KongaPay account; your bank’s transactional limits still apply.

For additional information on Tier upgrades please call :0809 999 0295 or send an email

*To enjoy more on KongaPay, we recommend that you upgrade your to KongaPay Premium. You can do this by simply updating your bank information under “Settings” on the App or by logging into your profile on our website.

Why am I being prompted to add my banking details as a KongaPay Classic user?

If you try to complete a transaction and you do not have funds in your wallet (your wallet can be funded by another KongaPay user – irrespective of level) you will be required to link your bank account to your KongaPay account to complete your transaction.

To link your bank account details to KongaPay, log into our App or website, navigate to settings, select Add Bank or Card and fill out the necessary fields, it’s easy and quick.

What is the difference between KongaPay Classic and KongaPay Premium?

KongaPay Classic KongaPay Premium
Maximum transaction of ₦10,000 Maximum transaction  of ₦100,000
Maximum daily limit of ₦100,000 Maximum daily limit of ₦1,000,000
Cannot complete transaction without funds in Transactions can be completed even without funds in wallet
Wallet can only be funded by another KongaPay user Wallet can be funded by account owner and also other KongaPay users.
Gets a monthly maximum of N1000 discount on purchases on and payments for Airtime, DSTV and GOTV subscription. Gets a monthly maximum of N2000 discount on purchases on and payments for Airtime, DSTV and GOTV subscription.

How do I transfer Money using through KongaPay?

Sending money through KongaPay is easy. To do so simply follow the steps below;

  • Log into your KongaPay app on your mobile device or simply visit to log in
  • Select “Send Money”. If you are on the mobile app, this is located on the bottom right of your screen. If you are on the web, this is the first Icon on the screen.
  • Fill in the required information, i.e. recipient’s mobile number and amount.
  • Enter your Pin and One Time Password sent to your Phone or Email

The recipient is alerted instantly and best of all, you don’t get charged for the transaction.

If the phone number of the intended recipient is not registered on KongaPay, the person will receive a notification informing them of the transfer and prompting them to register to receive the funds.

How does the person I send transfer to receive the money?

The recipient will get a notification of the payment and if the person is not registered, the person will be prompted to register using the link attached on the notification.

If the person does not register within 72hours, the funds will be transferred back to your account

If the person is registered on KongaPay, the funds would immediately be transferred to the recipient’s KongaPay wallet.

As long as you have a registered bank account on the app, you (and even your friends and family) can easily move funds from your wallet to your bank account without hitches or charges.

Can I set up auto-renewal for my TV Subscription?

Yes you can and quite simply too, just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on TV subscription on the dashboard or select this from “services” on your mobile app
  • Select your preferred TV subscription (DSTV or GOTV)
  • Key in your smartcard Number
  • Choose your preferred bouquet
  • Since you want the payment to be auto renew monthly, tick the box for “Auto-renewal”
  • If you do not have a card information already, you will be prompted to update your card info
  • You will be prompted to put in your pin and OTP (one Time Password)

And you are done.

Should you change your mind, you can always cancel the auto-renewal by going to settings on the App or website, click on Active Subscriptions to view or cancel your active subscription(s). Both processes can be done either on the app or webpage.

If you have any issues with the activation, please call 080 9999 0295 or send a mail to


KongaPay is a safe and secure payment method and can be regarded as the preferred online payment platform in Nigeria. KongaPay was created in partnership with leading banks in Nigeria to ensure trust and safety for buyers and sellers. Though created to meet the needs of shoppers on, KongaPay services have expanded beyond those walls to meet the needs of Nigerians seeking a payment solution that is accessible, affordable, convenient, easy to use and secure. KongaPay is convenient and easy to use, it puts customers in total control, and you need not worry about signing up for internet banking, repeatedly applying card details, or having to grapple with bank transaction charges. Today, KongaPay offers the following services; Bank transfers (with ZERO transaction fee), Airtime Purchase (MTN, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel), TV Subscription fee payment (GOTV & DSTV), purchases on online platforms such as,, Kounty Kitchen (,,, etc. Offline stores are not left out as KongaPay offers the service called MPOS which turns every mobile phone into a POS machine! Some of our offline partners include Mr Biggs, CityDia Superstores and Café Neo. KongaPay also offers free account setup and cheap pricing for merchants. The Payment Solution is available on The Web (Mobile and Desktop), IOS and Android devices. This means that you can access the application at home, at work, or even on the go. To get started, simply register your preferred bank via the Mobile App or website, validate, and log in to being transacting. Gone are the days of traditional modes of payments which involved cash and cheques etc. With advancement in technology and the introduction of e-commerce, different methods of online payments have been introduced and have been embraced over the years as people are now more informed as to the ease and convenience of online payments, which is one of the numerous benefits of using KongaPay. So if you are looking for a mobile online and offline solution that is convenient, easy to use, incurs zero cost when transferring and receiving money, and 100% security, KongaPay has it all.