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Benefits of using KongaPay

Quick Signup

Transactions are a lot easier on KongaPay and it starts with a quick signup.

Recurring Payment

Let’s lift the burden of manually making monthly payments. Automate it.

Seamless Process

Life is good but it could be better without stress. Experience a hassle free and fast way of transacting.

Bills & Airtime

Make instant payments from the comfort of your home and top up airtime and data on the go.

Easy Banking

Outsmart the bank. Make easy deposits and withdrawals with zero charges.

Save Money

Spending money is inevitable, but you can always put some away for rainy days. It all begins with downloading the kongapay app.

The payment solution for your Business

Get access to amazing features that will give your customers a painless payments expereince.

We make it easy to accept payment from your users

  • Create a delightful and seamless payment experience on any platform.
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  • No payment redirections away from your app or website. Ever.
  • It's a POS and more!

Become an Agent

make seamless transactions and payment at cheaper rate.

Pay bills, buy airtime, spend, send and receive money with just your phone number.

100% Safe & Secure

Sensitive payment information is not stored on KongaPay. In fact, nothing can happen unless you authorize it.

To maintain the integrity of transactions between parties on the platform, all personal and business accounts are verified and logged with the BVN service.

Our technology is constantly monitoring, evolving, and adapting in real-time to new forms of fraud as they arise.

We have ensured that transactions do not go through public networks.